Creating Market Belief, Building Market Leaders

Roaring Mouse is a PR and content agency building winning reputations and opportunities to sell for innovative businesses. Our strategies and services are optimised to meet the needs of early-stage startups and high-growth B2B tech companies that want to scale quickly and generate real market impact. We represent some of the world’s fastest-growing and most innovative companies.

Hmmm…. but how do we do it?

Disruptive strategies to build market disruptors faster

Run-of-the-mill PR and content strategies don’t deliver the cut-through innovators need in today’s noisy, competitive world. We know what it takes to generate belief and momentum for startups and B2B tech companies.

Inspiring 3 levels of belief: the problem, product & provider

Innovators must inspire multiple levels of belief in the minds of their stakeholders to change the game. We can help you reach and engage with your audiences and inspire belief in the areas proven to build understanding, trust and opportunities to sell.

Creative, data-driven campaigns that land with impact

Neuroscience shows that emotion is critical in even the most rational business decisions. Our stories and campaigns land with impact because they connect with emotion and evidence to satisfy both sides of decision-makers' brains.

It sounds to good to be true... But wait! We can prove it

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We are creating market belief and opportunities to sell for some of the world’s most innovative and fastest-growing companies

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