Business PR

Business PR

Roaring Mouse specialises in creating and delivering PR campaigns that engage and impress the investors, business leaders, decision makers and buyers our customers want to do business with. We can build your reputation and help you attract new followers by shaping your message and tapping into the reach and influence of traditional, broadcast and online media. We can also help you plan for managing any issues you face along the way.

Our business PR services include:

  • PR strategy consulting
  • Media relations
  • Content creation & distribution
  • Video PR
  • Social media management
  • Crisis & issues management
  • PR analytics
Business PR

Content Marketing

We can help you produce remarkable content that captures the attention of potential buyers, establishes trust in your brand and, ultimately, maximises the chances that you will make a sale. By developing a thorough understanding of your business and its target audiences, we can deliver engaging and educational content aligned to each prospect’s needs and stage in the buyer journey. Through our complete range of content marketing services we can help you attract more of the right website visitors, improve your presence in search rankings and turn more leads into delighted customers and advocates.

Our content marketing services include:

  • Content strategy development
  • Content creation & distribution
  • Video production
  • Social media marketing
  • Marketing analytics

Campaign strategy

While every great campaign needs a great idea, they must also start with a thorough understanding of the audience, the issues they face and how they gain problem solving insight.

Roaring Mouse’s experienced consultants can help you with every aspect of your business PR and content marketing strategy, from setting the right objectives, conducting audience analysis, performing media audits and developing buyer personas, to fine tuning your message and determining best creative ideas and powerful content that will take your message to the world.

Everything we do is anchored in audience insight and analytics. By understanding the audience and measuring everything that matters, we ensure our customers deliver the right message, at the right time and through the right media to achieve greater business success.

Media relations

For most businesses, engaging with the media is a valuable way of building brand awareness and establishing trust with their audiences.

Roaring Mouse can help you tap into the reach and influence of traditional, online and broadcast media by approaching media relations journalistically.

We know how the media works. This means we can help you build positive working relationships with the journalists, bloggers and other digital influencers that matter, and produce the kind of stories and content they want to share.

Content creation & distribution

We produce content with purpose, including thought leadership, insight and research, communicating it on customer’s websites to attract a greater share of natural search traffic and through the right blend of traditional, online and social media to engage and educate target audiences.

Every blog, article, video, whitepaper, ebook, tipsheet, infographic and email we produce is grounded in thorough analysis of the audience’s challenges and goals, and designed to help you understand and build trust with each prospect as they progress through the buyer journey.


It is said that a picture speaks a thousand words, we can help you create pictures that move and motivate. From video blogs, interviews and media statements, to business profiles, documentaries and even the live streaming of seminars and other events, Roaring Mouse’s writers and fully trained broadcast colleagues produce a wide range of professional video content to drive customers’ business PR and content marketing campaigns. Our flexible approach means we can precisely tailor our service to your needs and budget. You can hire a camera operator or editor by the day, or take full advantage of our comprehensive planning, production and promotional services.

Social media

We can help you find and attract new followers, build a powerful social media presence and engage communities amongst the many millions of people that frequent the likes of Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram on a daily basis. From social media strategy development, audience engagement and content distribution, to social media monitoring, issues management and measurement, we provide a range of social media services to support your business PR and marketing campaigns.

Crisis & issues management

We can help you manage bad news and communicate appropriately when dealing with crises, issues or business transformation projects that have the potential to damage your reputation, value and staff morale. Our senior consultants have provided crisis PR, issues management and change communication support to some of Europe’s biggest and most exciting technology, energy and media businesses.

Campaign analytics

From customer analytics and reputation audits, to measuring the true impact and financial returns from business PR and marketing activities, Roaring Mouse can help you understand your audience, what attracts their attention and what encourages those that visit your website to become a paying customer.

We can track your exposure and impact across traditional, online, broadcast and social media, and analyse what drives your media coverage and influences reputation. We can help you understand what your audiences are searching for online and the actions that can convert more website visitors into delighted buyers.

We can help you set smart goals and measure what matters. We can see what is working for your business and what needs tweaking to improve your PR and marketing activities.