We know what it takes to generate belief and momentum for startups and B2B tech companies.

B2B Brand Strategy

At Roaring Mouse, we help B2B startups and technology businesses define their role in the world, get them seen by the right people at the right time, and craft magnetic messages that attract the right kind of customers, partners, investors and talent. 

Crisis Communications

Even the best businesses can be affected by mishaps, misunderstandings and malicious acts that, if poorly handled, can stain their reputations. At Roaring Mouse, we have deep experience in helping B2B technology companies of all sizes manage issues that could harm their hard-won reputations. We help clients anticipate, prepare for, and even avoid these challenges. And we help them to communicate appropriately if required.

Strategic Communications

At Roaring Mouse, we use proven methodologies and decades of experience to create and deliver PR and content campaigns that land with impact. We use deep insight to inform our strategies and measure what matters most to drive buyers, investors, partners and talent to the point of action and advocacy. And we focus on building the kind of belief that genuinely drives customer success.

Tools we use to achieve success

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