Creating new connections for Beaming ISP


Beaming provides thousands of small and medium-sized businesses across Britain with secure, reliable internet connectivity and telephony services.

The environment in which it operates is contested fiercely by a wide range of specialists and some of the biggest telecommunications providers in the world.

Beaming hired Roaring Mouse in 2016 to accelerate its expansion.

It had to stand out and be seen as outstanding to grow quickly in this noisy and highly competitive market.


Roaring Mouse implemented an integrated PR and content marketing campaign for Beaming based on insight, thought leadership and rich video content.

It used research to reveal the true cost of internet downtime and cybercrime, and shared Beaming’s own analysis of cyber-attacks on British businesses.

It provided advice to help businesses become more resilient online and commissioned films demonstrating how businesses can build great workplaces and how Beaming delivers better connected businesses.

We campaigned these materials through various media, and visitors to were invited to share their email addresses in exchange for exclusive content.


  • Beaming appeared in target media over 300 times in the first three years of this campaign, reaching an audience of more than 30 million people

  • This included 15 articles in UK nationals, 109 pieces in business media and 123 hits in technology publications

  • Campaign content was viewed more than 26,000 times on its website and social media

  • The campaign delivered a 525% increase in the number of new visitors to and a 398% boost in repeat visits during the period

  • Beaming has doubled its social audience and attracted over 500 new newsletter subscribers

  • It is now featured on the first page of Google’s natural search ranking for its desired keywords