Generating launch momentum through social media


PurpleBeach brings together business leaders to share experiences that transform thinking, change perceptions and lead to new ways of doing business.

Founded by former Skype HR Director Annemie Ress, PurpleBeach works on the premise that, in a highly digital world, leaders can better anticipate and overcome emerging challenges by connecting and conversing with people that see the world differently.

In 2013, PurpleBeach engaged Roaring Mouse to spread awareness of its ideas and attract business leaders to its launch event.

PurpleBeach wanted to attract senior executives from all sizes and types of businesses, and convince them they would benefit from attending its launch and joining its community.


To deliver maximum impact on a small budget we chose to focus our efforts on a social media campaign to engage, influence and encourage the sharing of its ideas among the audience.

Roaring Mouse established PurpleBeach on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. We engaged with 1,000 CEOs, founders, marketing directors and HR people from London’s digital industries on Twitter. A fifth of these went on to connect with PurpleBeach online.

We created a post articulating the aims of PurpleBeach and curated a blog of advice from people that would be speaking at the launch. Highlights were widely shared on social media.

Roaring Mouse’s videographers attended the PurpleBeach launch to discuss its aims and approach with Annemie and other speakers. These interviews formed the basis of a film published on the PurpleBeach website and social media channels.


- Social media activities around the launch exposed PurpleBeach to a much larger audience.

- Traffic to doubled, and its social media following grew by more than 400%

- These activities attracted 80 leaders to the launch, established valuable new commercial contacts and helped create a community of people to drive its work around people innovation

- Since launching PurpleBeach, Roaring Mouse has been hired on multiple occasions to support multinational organisations as part of the PurpleBeach community