29 Mar 2023

What works best in PR for startups and fast-growth tech businesses?

Tech companies need to be known and trusted if they are to convince investors, customers and employees that they are worthy of their time, money and attention.

However, building that recognition and respect is a challenge.

There is enormous competition for attention: tens of thousands of new tech businesses are born in the UK every year.

And the media – whose attention brings valuable authority and exposure to these nascent businesses – focuses on established companies.

Innovators and disruptors must think smarter and work harder to gain their fair share of attention and respect.

We’re publishing a new report for tech CEOs, marketers and communicators who want their companies to be better recognised and respected.

Based on a two-year research project tracking the media and business performance of 73 early-stage UK tech companies, it explores the strategies and story angles that successfully drive belief, market momentum and opportunities to sell.

It answers three simple questions:

  • What does a ‘Good’ level of media coverage look like for new tech businesses?
  • What works in achieving media attention and coverage?
  • And what kind of media presence correlates most strongly with startup success today?


Download Communicate & Grow.