01 Oct 2021

The Power of 9: Happy Birthday Roaring Mouse

In numerology, nine represents completion and the culmination of wisdom and experience. Wikipedia says it buzzes with the energy of endings and new beginnings.

Nine is a composite number in mathematics. A Motzkin number, the third square number and the first composite lucky number.

Nine is a good number in Chinese culture and has significance in Norse Mythology, Buddhism and several other religions. 

There were nine rings of power “gifted to the race of Men” in Middle Earth.

Today, Roaring Mouse is nine.

A year ago, we were deep in Covid uncertainty. We’d achieved eight per cent growth despite being hindered by the pandemic and six months of home working.

Today, we’re reflecting on a year that has delivered far more than anticipated. We’d hoped for growth but planned for the possibility of stagnation. Our focus was on doing the right things, providing results and quality to our clients, and building alliances to support future growth. 

In the last 12 months, we achieved the PRCA’s Communications Management Standard, the gold standard for public relations agencies from the world’s largest and most influential PR professional body.

We won two new clients in the medtech space, we were appointed to advise Pennyworth, a new digital bank, and picked up business with two more startups in the fintech space. 

We took one small step into European space tech and secured an extensive, international brief to launch a new clean energy trucking and technology company. 

We’ve been more active than ever with fundraising initiatives. We helped clients raise more than £3.7 million through crowdfunding campaigns, prepped others for life on public markets, and announced VC and Private Equity deals worth more than £250 million combined.

We have achieved sales growth of 24 per cent despite a slow start to our ninth year. We’ve strengthened our core team and intend to hire again in the next few weeks.

We’ve established strong foundations in our ninth year, done inspiring and engaging work, and welcomed some inspirational additions to an incredible portfolio of clients.

As we look forward to 10, we remain focused on delighting those clients and delivering exceptional results for businesses that make the world a better place. We plan to continue on our steady, sustainable growth trajectory, expanding our influence and ability to drive progress by enhancing our capabilities and adding more talent to the team.

In numerology, nine represents completion and the culmination of wisdom and experience. We are pouring what wisdom and experience we have into our craft, our clients and building a stronger business.

We are buzzing, but we are far from done. We are only just getting started.

Happy birthday Roaring Mouse!