19 Feb 2018

Roaring Mouse named as top UK small business adviser

Roaring Mouse has been recognised as one of the top five small business PR advisers in the UK, as well as one of the UK’s top 50 small business advisers overall.

Roaring Mouse was selected for this award by business organisation Enterprise Nation thanks to our work helping small businesses get a good start in life and boosting their growth potential. We will be awarded the prize at a celebration in London on 12th March, when the overall winners will also be announced.

A public vote will determine the overall winners, so we’d be very grateful if you’d visit here and vote for us!

We are delighted to be named as one of the UK’s leading small business PR advisers. Roaring Mouse was built from the ground up to help startup and scale-up businesses stand out from the crowd and be seen as outstanding by those they want to do business with.

We provide top-notch expertise (all of our consultants have big brand and big agency experience) on flexible and accessible terms, and work with a network of specialists to provide the complete range of skills and capabilities small businesses need to boost brand awareness, web traffic and sales.

We’ve also got a proven track record of helping our customers build their businesses successfully. We are very grateful to three Roaring Mouse customers in particular – Beaming, Surface Generation and PurpleBeach – whose kind comments and support for were vital in helping us achieve this recognition.

Click on the links below to learn more about how we’ve helped build these fantastic businesses:

“Roaring Mouse has helped us achieve a significant amount of media attention, attract more web traffic and lots of new customer enquiries. It helps us win business that would otherwise go to generalist providers with much bigger marketing budgets.” Sonia Blizzard, managing director, Beaming

“Roaring Mouse helps us capture the attention of customers, prospects and partners globally. We’ve achieved significant improvements in brand awareness across key sectors and attracted major new customers as a result of our PR activities.” Ben Halford, CEO, Surface Generation

“Proactive, focused and forward thinking, Roaring Mouse is a valuable partner for PurpleBeach and plays a key role driving our business forward. Roaring Mouse is not limited by traditional notions of what a PR agency can achieve.” Annemie Ress, founder, PurpleBeach