Making a name in advanced manufacturing

Surface Generation, an advanced processing technology provider


Surface Generation provides advanced carbon fibre processing technologies that allow complex components to be produced more efficiently and with far greater precision than is possible using traditional processes.

In 2012, it hired Roaring Mouse to help add weight to its claims of developing genuinely disruptive technology and convince the world’s major automotive, aerospace, oil, gas and consumer electronics manufacturers to consider using its radical alternative to the status quo.

Roaring Mouse developed and executed a flexible campaign highlighting endorsement of Surface Generation’s technical achievements, industry adoption of its technologies and the business growth it made possible.


  • Surface Generation’s campaign has positioned it positively with more than 3 million people through specialist trade media, reaching 160,000 potential prospects in its target sectors for every £1,000 invested
  • Activities were extended successfully online with a targeted social media drive that has achieved 3,121 page impressions, 274 interactions and 101 clicks to view PR stories and content for every £1,000 spent
  • The campaign has established Surface Generation as a compelling alternative to traditional processes
  • It has attracted direct enquiries from several new customers and helped establish relationships with some of the world’s biggest brands
  • It has delivered greater confidence amongst Surface Generation’s active investor shareholders and helped secure £3 million in new funding to accelerate its plans

"Roaring Mouse helps us capture the attention of customers, prospects and partners globally. We’ve achieved significant improvements in brand awareness across key sectors and attracted major new customers as a result of our PR activities"

Ben Halford, CEO, Surface Generation