09 Oct 2019

Magnificent seventh birthday Roaring Mouse

Gosh. We’re seven here at Roaring Mouse now, which calls for celebration and a look back on the year we made more connections, accelerated our growth, visited 10 Downing Street, and met both Kevin Keegan OBE and Mr. Motivator.

After bringing in two big new customers during the summer of 2018, the last 12 months have been about showing that those decisions were well-founded, delivering in spades for all of our customers and proving our metal as one of the best PR agencies going around for startups and scaleups in the B2B technology sector.

It would have been an easy, seemingly safer choice for our new customers to have chosen to work with a big name, big City PR agency.

By putting their faith in Roaring Mouse, they gained the technology expertise they may have got elsewhere, combined with our deep understanding of working with startup and scaleup businesses. They benefited further from the extra focus that comes from working with a boutique agency and our passion for making sure that all of our campaigns deliver exceptional value for our customers.

This understanding, focus, and passion have helped Roaring Mouse grow by more than 30% year-on-year and deliver some fantastic results. We’ve helped our customers boost their public profiles, expand into new markets, and attract high-quality talent.

We’ve spent more than 50 full days advising on strategic PR and content marketing matters, and thousands more putting our advice and creativity into practice delivering customer campaigns.

Roaring Mouse seeded hundreds of articles across national, technology, and business media outlets for customers in the last 12 months. Our videographers have produced several hours’ worth of short-form video content, and we’ve written hundreds of thousands of words for opinion articles, blogs, and whitepapers.

We’ve also helped customers tackle some particularly tricky issues – putting them on the front foot and minimising the potential damage to their organisations.

It’s been quite a year.

So, where next?

We are looking to strengthen the management team here at Roaring Mouse and continue building the kind of capability seldom seen outside of the biggest PR shops. We are already working with some of the best independent PR consultants, writers, videographers, and data analysts in the business and looking to boost our scale, agility, and capability further by getting to know more potential partners.

We are scaling up our networking activities. That means getting more involved with technology communities locally and hitting the road to attend some of the most significant tech events for startups and scaleups across Europe. We are also looking to establish more relationships with trade bodies, venture capital firms, specialist marketing agencies, and international PR groups too.

We are thinking globally. Roaring Mouse has led several international PR campaigns for technology companies since 2012, and one of our particular areas of expertise involves helping European enterprises gain traction and profile in the U.S. through social and trade media channels.

We want to continue doing that and help more businesses from North America expand into Europe. We are planning a trade mission in 2020 to California and New York to spread the word and meet potential partners.

We’ll keep you posted on all of these developments over the next 12 months. For now, we’ll be clear and focused, ready to take on the coming year.

Please raise a glass of something cold and wet to Roaring Mouse’s magnificent seventh birthday!