PR Training

Roaring Mouse provides a range of bespoke PR training courses and workshops to help business leaders, marketing professionals and University students communicate with greater impact. Our most popular courses are below

Media Training

The Basics for B2B Communicators: Vital support for any business leader and marketer that talks to the media. This introductory course will help you understand what journalists want, how to prepare for media interviews and how to get your messages across in a way that boosts your business and avoids trouble.

Message Perfection

This collaborative workshop brings together teams of people from across a business to develop a common set of compelling messages for PR and marketing purposes. It will identify where your business is now and your desired future state, the stakeholders you need to influence and the messages most likely to inspire people to take positive action on your behalf.

Crash Course in PR for Startups & Growing Businesses

This workshop is for business leaders and marketers wanting to develop a winning PR strategy in-house and develop an approach to campaigning that will ensure messages lands with impact. It also explores how business PR and content marketing approaches pioneered by technology businesses can be used by any B2B organisation to attract customers, build brand awareness and convert more website visitors into sales.

Practical introduction to PR

Training session for PhD students and business school delegates on the fundamentals of PR. This training session covers the steps they can take personally or for a business to develop and maintain a favourable image, build relationships and influence positively through communication.

For bespoke PR training courses please get in touch today. For more advice and inspiration, check out the free PR training material, content marketing tips and advice for business leaders available on our blog.