In the past the amount of attention a business could achieve was determined largely by how much money it could spend on attaining it.

Today things are different. Digital media has become a great leveller, allowing new ideas to change the world in an instant and providing an even playing field on which businesses of all sizes can compete on equal terms for attention and success.

We exist to provide progressive business leaders and marketers with an edge in this environment, to share outstanding ideas and help ambitious businesses get close and stay close to those they want to do business with.

We do this by providing smart business PR and content marketing in a resourceful way. We take time to understand each customer and its audiences; produce content and share stories to engage those audiences; and use proven techniques and technology to maximise the effectiveness of customers’ websites.

In addition to our commercial activities, we run the Roaring Mouse Academy, providing free training and online resources to help startups, entrepreneurs and marketing students learn the fundamentals of business PR and content marketing.